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The ALX information system is a complete system consisting of hardware and software for digital signage. The display controller specially developed for this task DISCON-7, specially developed for this task, is the basis for extremely reliable operation. The DisplayController is an embedded PC suitable for continuous embedded PC, passively cooled and with a write-protected Windows embedded operating system on flash operating system on flash disk.

The ALX software allows intuitive creation of content:

  • Creation and administration of presentations
  • Storage and distribution of content and data
  • Display of presentations
  • System administration (network, operating system and ALX settings)

The display can be full-screen or defined with any size and position. size and position. ALX supports the following contents:

  • Images
  • Text (also automated import of text, XML, RSS)
  • Images and text (ticker possible)
  • Audio and video, e.g. MPG2, WMV, MP3, AVI
  • Streaming audio and video
  • PowerPoint
  • Date and time
  • TV

The ALX system can be operated manually or fully automatically. be operated. A scheduling tool and data interfaces are available.

A familiar sight in public spaces: displays, monitors, billboards.
The DISCON-7E from ALBRECHT ELEKTRONIK is the basis and all-rounder for smooth digital signature.

Easy wiring: all connections on one side


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